More than just counseling or therapy: growing and staying emotional well

Just having moved back to Coconut Grove, Patricia Munhall, a counselor, psychotherapist, psychoanalyst, author, and motivational speaker, has reopened her counseling practice. Glad to be back, she continues to practice with the belief that seeing a counselor or therapist should encompass more than just symptom relief. Emotional and psychological integration for an improved quality of life in all areas should play into the counseling focus.

This is the �more� and �staying well� part of her approach. "Without treating the root of a plant, the plant will not blossom," is her favorite metaphor.

We know that depression, obesity, and relationship problems are rampant in today's world. Clients understandably want relief as soon as possible. Sometimes this leads to a physician who prescribes medication for the symptom. Sometimes this leads to seeking counseling which may also solely focus on the symptom.

While a client may initially feel better with the specific problem approach, Patricia predicts the problem will return in a very short time. Why? The underlying cause was not cured, so how can the client stay well and grow emotionally. Her approach is to work with the whole of the client so that the client's overall quality of life shows vast enhancement.

Patricia has developed the Munhall Mirror Reflective Technique (MMRT) for couples, families and business groups which focuses on the interaction of interpersonal dynamics and individual perceptions. She has also developed the Munhall Mind, Motivation, Exercise, Diet, Interactive Method (mMMEDIm) for individuals who might yo-yo diet, have problems motivating themselves to exercise or attaining any goal. Her most recently developed technique is the mLTCm, or the  Munhall Life Transition Conciliatory Method, which focuses on the many life transitions, from becoming parents, getting married, couple problems and even divorce counseling and mediation.  

Patricia has a PhD in psychology, an EdD in Education, and a PsyA in psychoanalytic therapy (psychodynamic therapy) and psychoanalysis. She is nationally board certified to treat individuals, couples, families, groups and children and has over twenty-five years of experience. Dr. Munhall is a sensitive and empathic individual who has authored ten books and countless papers and has given national and international presentations.

For more information or an appointment: or please call Dr. Munhall directly at 305-461-2459 or e-mail



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